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7:00AM Opening remarks

7:10AM Julie Packard

7:15AM Overview and Introduction (Tierney Thys and Jonathan Houghton)

7:35AM Giorgio Carnevale | Evolution and Fossil Record of the Ocean Sunfishes

8:00AM Etsuro Sawai | Largest Size Records and Taxonomic History of Modern Ocean Sunfishes (Molidae)

8:20AM Marianne Nyegaard | Hoodwinking as an Artform: Mola tecta Surfaces in the Californian Current System

8:40AM Eric Caldera, Jonathan Whitney, Marianne Nyegaard, Tierney Thys | Genetic Insights Regarding Taxonomy, Phylogeography and Evolution of Ocean Sunfishes

9:20AM Tierney Thys and Marianne Nyegaard | Ocean Sunfish Larvae: Detections, Identification and Predaton

9:40AM Marko Freese | Larval Distribution of the Ocean Sunfishes Ranzania laevis & Masturus lanceolatus in the Sargasso Sea Subtropical Convergence Zone

10:00AM Tom Doyle | Evidence of a Range Expansion in Sunfish from 47 Years of Coastal Sightings

10:20AM Miguel Baptista | Length-weight Relationships of North Atlantic M. mola and Future Research on Mola spp. in the Northeast Atlantic

10:30AM Break

11:00AM Kate Bemis | Comparative Anatomy and Ontogeny of Ocean Sunfishes (Tetraodontiformes: Molidae)

11:20AM John Davenport |  Locomotory Systems and Biomechanics of Ocean Sunfish


11:40AM Tasha Phillips | Jellies, Jaws and a Giant Appetite; Revealing the Surprising Diet of the Ocean Sunfish

12:00PM Lara Sousa/Itsumi Nakamura | Movements and Foraging Behaviour of the Ocean Sunfishes

12:20PM Martin Arostegui | Spatiotemporal Segregation of Ocean Sunfish Species (Molidae) in the Eastern North Pacific

12:40PM Lunch Break | Art Slideshow and Break

1:00PM Joao Correia | Mola mola Collection and Transport

1:10PM Hugo Batista | Growth and Feeding Strategies of Mola mola

1:20PM Michael Howard | Data Sets Guide Ocean Sunfish Husbandry and Animal Care Research Programs

1:40PM Group Q & A

2:00PM Ana Elena Ahuir | Parasites of Ocean Sunfishes

2:20PM Miguel Baptista and Cátia Figueiredo | Biotoxins, Trace Elements and Microplastics in the Ocean Sunfishes (Molidae)

2:40PM Tierney Thys discussion with Kristy Forsgren and Richard McBride | Reproductive Biology of the Ocean Sunfishes

3:00PM Richard Dolan | Marine Art as Universal Language

3:10PM Art Slideshow and Break

3:20PM Marianne Nyegaard | Fisheries Interactions, Distribution Modeling and Conservation Issues of the Ocean Sunfishes

3:40PM Graeme Hayes | Unresolved Questions About Ocean Sunfishes (Molidae) - A Family Comprising Some of the World’s Largest Bony Fish

4:00PM Tierney Thys | Ocean Sunfishes and Society

4:10PM Wrap-up and Remaining Question with Tierney Thys and Jonathan Houghton 

5:00PM Art Show and Happy Hour